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wonderful pre-wedding experience

Bee and Joan 様 5


We come to kumamoto since we like this place. We have planned for a long time since October 2014 to have pre-wedding here.We are worried about the weather because it is a rainy season. Fortunately, everyone is nice and helpful, they are trying to solve this problem by re-arrangement. They have tried their best to satisfy all our requests. During this pre-wedding, we feel very happy and happy. It is a nice and wonderful experience. We also happy to meet all guys here.


  • 熊本城和装1着洋装1着プラン
  • ロケ地追加
  • 時間オーバー料金
  • アルバム海外送料
  • 消費税 ¥8,480
  • 合計 ¥114,480